Monday, 20 December 2010

Lights on at Temple Of Doom

Speaking of the Olympics, David Cameron has switched on the floodlights for the first time at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Or, as it shall become known after whichever of Tottenham or West Ham (or both) take up occupation, the Temple of Doom.

Few people, apart from Barry Hearn, seem to have noticed that there's already a professional football club in the area. To fill a stadium that's nearly three times as large as their own, West Ham will undoubtably have to cut prices, and that could be disastrous for Leyton Orient, as the Hammers will be targeting fans in our own catchment area.

Let's face it, the way things are going, if West Ham move in it's going to be Championship football being played there - hardly the best advert. And Tottenham need to keep their noses out and stay in North London. They didn't like it when Arsenal did it to them, after all.

No, we don't want Spurs or Hammers as next door neighbours, thank you very much.

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