Tuesday, 23 November 2010

This is a post in denial of the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

Woke up this morning, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and made my way downstairs, without for a second considering the grisly implications of Prince William's choice of his dead mother's engagement ring for his bride-to-be.

Made a cup of tea, and a bowl of porridge, and watched live coverage of the Pakistan/South Africa Test match, ignoring the blanket news coverage of the happy couple's impending nuptials.

Picked up my kids from school. I discussed their homework, how they were getting on in their various classes, and the structure of English league football, and the consequences for the structure of English league football of Leyton Orient's 2-2 draw with AFC Bournemouth at the weekend, without once mentioning the fact that our future king will next year celebrate his wedding at Westminster Abbey on April the 29th.

Checked my emails - some stuff from Ebay. Work related matters. Facebook updates. Nothing remotely connected to privileged heirs of the realm, and their betrothed.

Five months to go. I only hope I can keep the level of disinterest up.

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  1. Man proposes to woman. Press goes crazy.