Sunday, 21 November 2010

Leyton Orient 2 Bournemouth 2

I find it interesting that a 2-2 draw can feel so different depending on how it came to you.

Bournemouth supporters will be kicking themselves after conceding two late goals, and losing a match they were winning comfortably. We, on the other hand, bounced up and down like demented kangaroos upon Jonathan "We Like" Tehoue's late equaliser. Much chanting of "Who Are Ya?" and "East, East, East London" did occur.

In fairness, it was a pretty even match, marred for us by two lapses of concentration at the start of each half which resulted in Bournemouth's two goals. I thought Jason Brown didn't do too badly in goal for his first game of the season - he made a few good stops and generally looked quite confident given his two misses, although blessing the posts before the start clearly didn't work.

He certainly did a lot better than Bournemouth's substitute keeper, who came on for the last 18 minutes following an injury to their number 1, and promptly conceded 2 goals. Cheers, lad.

Russell Slade's bizarre decision to stick Revell (6ft 3in), our top scorer, on the right wing, and Dean Cox (5ft 4in) in the middle, was obviously not working after 20 minutes, so why it took until halftime for him to change things around is beyond me. Mpoku threatened a lot on the left, skinning his man more often than not, but we need a bit more end product from him - his freekicks brought little in the way of chances, and one shot hit the North Stand roof rather than the crossbar.

Congrats to Jonathan Tehoue though - he always makes an impact as a sub, bustling and working like a good centre forward should, and his two goals were tucked away with precise finishing. All in all, a worthwhile point, although better tactics and greater concentration could have provided all three.

Leyton Orient

  • 32 Brown
  • 02 Omozusi
  • 04 Chorley (yellow card)
  • 06 Forbes
  • 07 Cox
  • 13 Daniels (Brown 67)
  • 16 Spring
  • 20 Smith
  • 27 M'Poku (Walker 90+4)
  • 09 McGleish (Tehoue 61) (yellow card)
  • 11 Revell
  • Tehoue 85
  • Tehoue 90+2

  • 01 Jalal (Stewart 78)
  • 05 Pearce
  • 15 Smith (yellow card
  • 16 Wiggins
  • 04 Cooper (yellow card) (Bartley 41)
  • 07 Pugh
  • 08 Robinson
  • 17 McQuoid
  • 18 Arter (yellow card) (Feeney 75)
  • 19 Hollands
  • 27 Bignall
  • Pugh 2
  • Pugh 48

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