Friday, 12 November 2010

Poor choice of career...

To say the least.
A nurse subjected frail pensioners to psychological abuse at a BUPA care home insisted she was a “very good professional” yesterday.

Tracey Fleming (47) called a sobbing frail female resident a “cry baby” and left her on a commode for more than an hour, The Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

Fleming, of Allendale Drive, Royton, threatened to leave a third resident in a wet bed all night so he would develop gangrene and his legs “would have to be amputated,” the hearing was told.
What makes people like this apply for these jobs in the first place?

The power, I'd say, pure and simple. The sheer, pathetic joy of being able to wield power over a helpless fellow human. Oldham's answer to Abu Ghraib, anyone?

I can't get over the restrained language of the home manager.
Home manager Joan Walton told the panel that Fleming’s actions can be seen as being psychologically abusive.

Ms Walton added: “This was considered to be humiliating and intimidating the residents involved.”
Considered? Seen? That's mild. You didn't interview this woman, by any chance, did you, Ms Walton?
The misconduct panel must now decide whether Fleming’s failures mean she is impaired to work as a nurse.
Tough one, eh.

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