Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Human rights abuses vs economics? No contest

There's something pathetic about watching David Cameron attaching a little human rights fig leaf to his plea for Chinese cash.

I can't believe that he's really all that bothered about Chinese human rights abuses. It's been going on long enough. No-one took a blind bit of notice when 300,000 people were removed from their homes in Beijing to make way for the 2008 Olympics. No, we cheered as much as anyone, louder in fact, when Britain came an unprecedented 4th in the medals table.

If we were really bothered about what goes on in China, we would have boycotted those games. We would be refusing to do any sort of business with China until it releases people like Liu Xiaobo.

Cameron said
"China is the world's second biggest importer of oil, and Sudan is one of your most important suppliers. So China has a direct national interest in working for stability in Sudan.
No, China has an interest in getting as much oil as it can, as cheaply as it can, from Sudan. They don't care one bit about the political situation in the country. And let's face it, when it comes down to the bottom line - money - Cameron couldn't care less about what China does within and without it's own borders, as long as it keeps investing in British business.

At least be honest about this much, man.

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