Wednesday, 20 October 2010

No, religion is for those who DENY evidence

According to Christian Today, atheism is becoming the new religion.

Carver Yu, President of the China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong, said that “confusing ideologies” were creating emptiness and alienation among people, while indifference to religion was “tightening its grip”.
“Atheism is about to become the new religion,” he said. “Christians must preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ fearlessly because he is the way, the truth and the life. Only he can lead us away from the present state of godlessness.”

No, no, no. Religion is for people who deny evidence in order to cling to the increasingly tattered standard of their outdated faith. Atheism is for people who have looked at the available evidence, and come to the only logical conclusion that there is no god (probably...). Simple enough?

Clearly not for some.

Also taking to the podium was Michael Herbst, researcher in evangelism and church development. He warned that the decline of faith among parents was leading to a whole generation of children in Germany growing up with an “atheist mindset” and the belief that “faith doesn’t matter”.
He noted that the idea of a “singular truth” and monotheism had become unpopular and were widely regarded as dangerous, arrogant and potentially violent.
Good on Germany if it were true, although given Angela Merkel's recent comments on immigration, and the power of the CDU in Germany, methinks you're overegging the pudding a little, Michael. But I do appreciate your thoughts on monotheism, you've hit the nail on the head there, son!

Os Guinness, co-founder of The Trinity Forum, echoed his sentiments. He said that the biblical view of truth had become “obscene to modern minds” and was being taken by many to be exclusive, intolerant and divisive.
“But on a deeper look the biblical view is profound, timely and urgent for the day, even for those who reject it,” he said.
That's exactly how we see it, and a deeper look at the bible only confirms it. It's the ravings of a genocidal lunatic. There are no lessons to be learned there.

He continued: “Shame on those Western Christians who casually neglect or scornfully deny what the scriptures defend and what many brothers and sisters would rather die [for] than deny – that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.”
These people have absolutely no interest in accomodationism. For them, the bible is the literal truth, and anyone who says otherwise is the enemy. They scorn liberal Christians who fail to adhere to their fundamentalist values. You cannot argue with these people. Their minds are made up. And they are dangerous.

Anyone arguing that atheists should tone down their views so as not to offend needs to take a look at what these people really think.

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