Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Homeopathic vaccination

You cannot be serious.  There's a Bangladeshi magazine actually advocating - wait for it - homeopathic vaccinations.
Many say that there are benefits to homeopathic vaccines. One important benefit is that they do not contain Thimerosal, Aluminium, Borax (used to kill ants) and other chemical elements, also, in the studies that have been able to proceed, no child has ever had any severe side effects from the any of the homeopathic vaccinations given.
I sincerely hope there's no-one impressionable reading this. I can barely think of anything more dangerous than injecting your child with
a homeopathic remedy made from diseased tissue, that comes from someone with that disease, and then made into potentised form so that is given in a homeopathic remedy.
I don't feel qualified to actually go into the medical ins and outs of this stupidity, but I know a steaming pile of bullshit when I see it. What the hell are these "doctors" advocating this junk on?
Dr. McCluggage DVM says:
"...we must stop advocating yearly vaccines because of the harm we are doing to the animals we vaccinate. He covered the homeopathic concept of "vaccinosis". Vaccinosis is a disease entity that may be introduced through vaccinating animals or people. Once vaccinosis develops, there is a disturbance in the bodies vital forces that leads to symptoms of chronic disease that can be very difficult (and often impossible) to cure. Dr. McCluggage also stated that there are no good reasons to recommend annual vaccinations for our companion animals."
Vital forces? Are you for real?

These people are playing with children's lives. Please stop.


  1. Many parents considering vaccination for their children, either choose to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

    I'd go even further. I'd boldly claim that all of them choose either to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Since that's the first sentence of the article, the poor logical standards are immediately clear.

    There are many mad ideas in the article, but the maddest has to be the "vaccinate them when they're older" argument ie after they've been exposed to various (sometimes life threatening) illnesses. In fact, by that stage vaccination would actually be mostly pointless.

  2. That's a good point, the first sentence does demonstrate the level of analysis we're dealing with here.

    Of course, the universal get-out clause appears at the end of the article:

    N.B. This article was written for information only. Any parent wishing to consider homeopathic vaccination for their child should seek advice from a reputable and registered homeopath. I am not medically trained and therefore am not in a position to offer healthcare advice.

    And you won't accept any responsibility for any child who contracts a dangerous disease as a result of their parents being influenced by your poorly thought-out article, either.