Saturday, 1 January 2011

Yew Hear Nappy!!!

Or Happy New Year, for those of you who bothersomely insist on putting letters into the correct order.

In time honoured tradition, I saw in New Year at work, grimacing at the celebratory messages flying back and forth on Twitter and Facebook, while failing to console myself with the prospect of double bubble for my loyal 12-hour shifts over the holiday period. Ah well.

To alleviate the boredom, I did find a couple of lovely apps for my iPhone:

Fstream, which streams radio feeds off teh interwebz, and allowed me to listen to England's fantastic victory in the Fourth Test, not to mention the Barmy Army playing every song in their repertoire, from Coronation Street to Live and Let Die.

•And Reeder, which has revolutionised my blog following. Much easier than bookmarking stuff on Safari.

•Not to mention that, through trial and error, and also clicking buttons to see what happens, I've found an easy way of inserting hyperlinks into blogposts on the Blogpress app. How technologically challenged I am.

Tentative thoughts for the New Year include investigating the music of Laura Marling, and hoping that a 5-0 defeat away to Brighton isn't some kind of omen for the rest of Leyton Orient's season.

Happy New Year, people.

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